La Fuite

La Fuite, Centre international d'art et du paysage de Vassivière In all my work I am dealing with the phenomenon of the production of energy. Its generation, meaning and metaphoric significance creates a topic which is questionable also in the social critical way as in the sense of the semiotics. In the context of this research I was engaged with the philosoph Ernst Kapp (1808 – 1896) who created in his works the “organ projection thesis”. He maintains, that every technical invention of men is a projection of the human body and in that way a projection of the conditio humana. For example, the saw copies the incisors and the hammer copies the fist. However, for Kapp are those parallels are much more interesting which are not that obvious. Technical objects can tell us much more about human life as men could ever find out in a theoretical way. If we agree with this, the next question is: what do we copy with a barrage of a hydroelectric power station, with a turbine, a pipe and a flooded area? There seems to be a connection between the technical processes which are happening there and the processes of the human life. Terms like pressure, to condense something, being permeable are not only important issues in a technical conversation about a barrage but are also essential for art and its conditions of production.